Welcome to Middle Aged Crazy, the place where you can let your very own Creative Beast come out and play. I’m author Rick DiBiasio and after a business career I discovered my creativity.

Funny thing happened on the way to the Opera, I realized I was an artist. My curiosity and appetite for learning new things and expressing myself creatively finally bubbled over and I learned to enjoy life. The creative people who have become a part of my community helped me to realize that there is more to life than business and I learned, in talking to my “business friends” that they all had a Creative Beast within.

Middle Aged Crazy is the other side of the business coin and this blog is my open source research for my next book and, hopefully, a place for we emerging artists to hang out and support each other.

So if you always wanted to take cooking lessons, play guitar, learn a few dance steps, write a book, make wine or learn a foreign language:  I’ll share with you my experiences, I’ve done them all. As I try new things, like an upcoming Improv Camp, I’ll tell you about my experiences and maybe make you laugh at me or with me.

But, it’s not just about me, tell me about your experiences, join our discussions, claim your space, I’m delighted you are here!

We all used to sing at the top of our lungs, color outside the lines and understand that we were artists, then, somehow, we stopped letting ourselves experience the joy that comes with creation. Middle Aged Crazy is about reconnecting with joy, with unleashing our Creative Beast,