Do you know someone who is lost? Who can’t get past pain? Someone who can’t see the blessings that surround them?

Our brains have a tendency to get in the way. We need explanations, theories, alternatives, reasons. Instead of worrying about where we are, we often spend a lot of time trying to figure out how we got here.

Here’s a clue: you are here. Now. There is no such thing as the past. The future is just something else to worry about. More brain work.

You can be sure of one thing: Now.

Here are three things that can help you deal with now:

Acceptance: You know that sign in the mall that says: “You are here”? Yea. You are. How you got here is not really all that important, time travel doesn’t exist. You got here, somehow, doesn’t matter if they counted hanging chads or if you won in a landslide. Welcome to now. You are here for a reason, it is part of your journey: only it doesn’t matter what the reason is or where the journey leads. Release the outcome. Breath in, breath out, move on.

Gratitude: Don’t make me tell you about the girl who surfs with one arm, bald kids with leukemia or blind poets, don’t make me tell you about the list of people that have it worse than you. You have something to be grateful for, so give thanks. I don’t mean in that phony, “I don’t get out of bed until tears of gratitude flow down my cheek” kind of way. (Whatever). I mean in your heart, in the mirror, give thanks for the small treasures that you overlook. Strong hands, good coffee, the ability to hold your head up and think. Whatever you have is what you have. Appreciate it, you’ve created this life.

Hope: Grab on to hope, to a life of engagement, a life of peace, a life with love. Release worry, release outcome, but never, ever lose hope. Hope is that she’ll call, he’ll come home, that you’ll be discovered, that they will find a cure, that pain will subside. Do you know someone who is lost? The greatest gift you can give them is hope.

Think about it: if you accept where you are and release all the pain and worry about how you got here and where you are going, if you are simply present, with appreciation for your gifts and hope for the future, you are by almost any definition:


It’s really not the hard to recognize someone else in need, its often harder to take care of ourselves. If you know someone who is lost, who is sad, who is angry, who is about to give up, giving them these three gifts might make all the difference.

Especially if that someone you know is you.

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