We learn from experience. You only have to touch a hot stove once to know not to do it again. Humans have survived as a species because we have learned to rely on our snap judgements and past experiences. As you reach a certain age, you have a LOT of snap judgements and past experiences, and, you’ve survived this long relying on them…

Eventually, however, you can can find yourself pretty set in your ways, resisting ALL new experiences and progress. Comfort is a nice thing but is it your only goal? Do you only listen to oldies? Do you find yourself watching mostly the re-run channels? Are you still re-living your high school glory?

Part of the reason I am such an advocate for creativity is that making new things keeps you young.

Oh, young! Remember how much of a badge of honor Baby Boomers placed on youth, flaunting it it in the face of anyone a minute older than us? How’s that feel now? Time marches on, you Grecian 5 wearing, AARP mail getting, hearing age using old codger, doesn’t it? We have come to appreciate that youth is a state of mind and even if our earthly bodies aren’t as supple as they once were, we still have a choice to view the world through young eyes.

Instead of young, let’s say “fresh.”

Change happens faster now than ever, thanks to technology. We have the ability to learn or teach each other any subject imaginable from Harvard lectures to how to tie a cancer scarf, the sum total knowledge of humanity is a click away. Fire those brain cells up!

So here’s to us, the ones who won’t give in, the ones who still seek to learn, to grow, to experience every bit of life that we are given.

Go make something!


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