“I have always been an artist; I cannot remember the first time I picked up a brush or created my first work of art. I used to take it for granted, until a harrowing incident led me to change my life and my career. I had been working as a jeweler, until a gang of armed robbers convinced me that it was time for a career change. While I laid bound and gagged with a gun to my head, listening to the gunmen discuss my fate as if my life had no more meaning than a discarded gum wrapper, I had an epiphany; life is too short to waste even a moment on anything that we do not love, anything that does not bring joy and passion into our lives. I have been a full-time professional artist ever since.”

  That’s this week’s artist, Annie Strack, and she has turned her second chance at life into a successful creative career that any of us would envy, talk about understanding your purpose for being on the planet! I’d love to show you some of her work and give you some quotes from her bio, parenthetically, I’ll reinforce the career advice we can all use. 

For those of you just finding the Affluent Artist Blog, I only profile artists whose work moves me and I am careful about letting their work speak for itself; I’m not an art critic and I don’t want to sound like an amateur! Annie’s work touches me because I love the medium of watercolor and I am a seashore and boat person, I find God in my vessel, Amiee, amidst the dolphins and manatee here in Florida each weekend. Annie paints watercolors I’d  like to imagine resemble heaven.  

Madisonville LightA classically trained artist with extensive experience in many mediums, Annie Strack has been published in numerous magazines, including Art Calendar, The Artists Magazine… (She understand the importance of publicity and making it easy for people to find you.)

She is the author of ‘The Artists Guide to Business and Marketing,’ and since 2005 she’s been a monthly columnist and feature writer for Art Calendar Magazine; the premier national business magazine for professional artists. (Obviously, Annie understand the importance of knowing where money and art intersect, she is a PROFESSIONAL)

M SailboatShe is an expert exhibit curator and art business consultant, and a highly admired art show juror and popular workshop instructor… (She understands the importance of being a mentor, of giving back, of coming from a place of abundance.)

Seagulls 2 

Her art is in over 1,000 collections worldwide, including the US Coast Guard, US Navy, US Senate, US Pentagon, Fredonia Museum of Art, Zigler Museum of Art, Lake Pontchartrain Maritime Museum, Jefferson Parish Courthouse, St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans World Trade Center, Biloxi Sun-Herald, & many more. (She understands marketing and working with affiliates and getting sponsors).

USCG The CaptureI paint the places that I know, places that I love. I want you to step into my paintings and experience these places with me; to feel the sand between their toes as they walk on my sun-warmed beaches, to dive into my paintings and swim in my oceans, to cruise through my paintings on the decks of my boats. If home is where the heart is, then each of these paintings is my home. I want you to not just see a painting, but to feel the ocean’s wind in your hair, taste the salt spray on your lips, and hear the seagulls calling to you.” (We always talk about finding work that makes your soul happy, do you think Annie has a happy soul?)

Please click here and go see more of Annie Strack’s work and read more about this Affluent Artist, kiddies, you can do this! You can follow your heart and have a successful career doing so. You can create images from God, through God and have God’s abundance. Like I’ve said many times, God loves creative people, after all, that’s his line of work too! I believe you can be a creator and be successful in the process!