If you pay any attention at all you are bound to run into little things that amuse, puzzle or delight you. Little facts, often just in passing, that stick with you. They take up precious brain cells that could be remembering things like your G Mail password or your parent’s phone number, but nooooo: they sit until you inappropriately bust out with them in front of your kids and their friends.

“Yea, he knows all kinds of useless stuff like that.”

In an effort to clear my brain, please endure my urge to purge:

* The word “Holy” in the Bible originally meant “Separate,” it didn’t imply anything supernatural.

*A friend of mine once said “Holy Shit” in front of a Preacher, caught himself and said “I should have used another word” and the Preacher, not missing a beat, said, “Yea, like Aww.”

* When James Taylor, in the Song Carolina on My Mind, ad-libs the line, “With a holy host of others standing around me now” it is because John Lennon and Paul McCartney sat in on the recording at the Apple Studios. (Bonus dropping: James Taylor was the first act signed by Apple and Peter Asher, of Asher and Gordon fame, signed him and is still Taylor’s agent today.)

* In England, they call a guitar pick a plectrum. I don’t know either, pick works for me.

* The Georgetown University teams are called “Hoyas” which is latin for “What rocks.” Something to do with a Jesuit admiring the team’s defense. At least they weren’t the Plectrums.

* Jackson Browne had the entire song “Take it Easy” written except for one line that had him stuck. Eagles founder, Glen Frey, who lived in the apartment above, took one look and said, “It’s a girl my lord in a flatbed Ford.” I’m pretty sure Jackson said, “Holy shit!”

* I’ve been in a place called the Frisbee pie factory in Bridgeport Connecticut. The workers used to toss plates around and, well, you know the rest.

* Jimmy Buffett abandoned his music career in Nashville and went to Key West in a Packard driven by Jerry Jeff Walker. He liked it there.

* Cheeseburger in Paradise is about his sailboat trip in an unexpected and nasty storm from Florida to Paradise Island, Bahamas. He set a goal.

* The saying, “He drank the Kool Aid,” comes from that awful James Jones Guyana cult thing. Mmm, Goofy Grape.

* The word cool became cool when black musicians used it as code to keep each other from freaking out over segregation. (Stay cool brother). My generation adopted it, but if I ever told my Grandmother I was cool, I would have been told to go get a jacket.

* I grew up down the street from the G.I. Joe factory: Hasbro NOT Mattel. They made Mr. Potato Head there too, the ones with the choke inducing pieces.

* I had a WOODBURNING kit when I was a kid. What could go wrong with that? It was basically a little brother branding iron.

* Chemistry Set too, one brother still can’t see out of one eye, but that could be because we made him the goalie when we played darts.

*The custom of a”Wake” comes from the fact that we never quite knew if they were all the way dead. Sometimes they’d “wake up” so we let them lie in the living room for a few days. Especially if you had a chemistry set.

Of course, I could be a little hazy on some of this stuff…

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