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So, imagine this: You are a PhD student in India, learning foreign relations and you begin the class on America. Your lecturer is a former diplomat who was stationed in Washington and he says, “This is the most important thing… Continue reading

I’m on my bicycle, riding on the side of the road, not bothering anyone, not taking up a lane, or slowing down traffic, when a pickup truck (it always seems to be a pickup truck) comes from behind, veers as… Continue reading

It’s hard to believe; but before I became a less than obscure author and the founder of a marginally profitable financial planning firm, I lived the glorious life of a tire store manager. That’s right. It’s a good thing I… Continue reading

One of the occupying forces in my house is the (still) teenage boy, a soon to be college sophomore, a child who never speaks a paragraph when a sentence will do, never a sentence when a one word answer will… Continue reading

I have been on the planet long enough to have wandered into and, then, out of many popular beliefs and philosophies. Of all the pop psychology or self improvement advice I’ve heard, I suggest that the one you should discard… Continue reading

A member of the opposition forces occupying my home (one of my grown children) perfectly illustrated the terms to which my wife and I were forced to surrender. This grown woman, with a Master’s Degree, communicated her perfect lack of… Continue reading

The hostile forces who occupy my house (my grown children), were sure that I don’t like leftovers. I didn’t even know that was a thing; that they have all of these misconceptions. Today, I explained to them that I enjoy… Continue reading

When you are married to a cancer patient you go through as many changes, at least mentally, as the patient herself. Neither of you invited cancer into your life, yet you are subject to all of the fear, worry, and… Continue reading

So I need to tell you why this teenage girl broke into song while serving us ice cream this weekend; its not a simple tale. It’s the story of a semi-grumpy financial planner who needed a few days at the… Continue reading

There is no place quite like a chemotherapy clinic to put everything in perspective. True, there are many places we’d rather be than here again: we’d rather not be back in a room full of patients in blue reclining chairs… Continue reading

What would possess an otherwise sane and relatively boring 58 year old man to climb on a bicycle and ride 100 miles in a day? I wish I could tell you because this summer I became afflicted with the virus… Continue reading

There is suffering. We know this, at least in the abstract, we know that people suffer. We can ignore it, we can blast those who are suffering and mock them for adopting an attitude of playing the victim, we can… Continue reading