Here’s a fantasy for you: Imagine you are a self taught artist who loves vacationing at a certain resort in Central Florida. You are so taken with the scenery that you are inspired to do a watercolor of some of the property. You know you can’t sell it to anyone because the company owns all of its images, so, on a whim, you send it to them. The company loves your work and tells you they want more.


That’s what happened to Davide Doss, a Noth Carolina artist who now supplies art from his little studio to Disney resort stores, cruise ships and private events. We’d stopped by the Disney Marketplace yesterday for a few minutes and there was a sign in front of the art store saying there was an artist signing today and I was very happy to go in and meet Davide. I’d almost purchased some of his prints several times before and I knew I’d get some today since he could sign them.

Davide is a humble guy, a husband and Dad of two daughters still living in his piedmont region home and studio. He now appears on Disney property about 100 days a year. Those 100 days require about another 100 days of preparation since he prints and frames his own work.

So, Davide has found a way to make a living doing something he loves, at a place he loves. Are you jealous?

An artist since he was a child, he got a commercial art job out of high school and transitioned into his career as a full time artist after only a few years. While I love his Disney work, I can’t show a lot of it to you here, the Mouse is fairly particular about who gets to post his images, but if you visit a Disney property, go to the art store, you’ll find some of Davide’s very affordable prints on sale.

I love his landscapes and beach pictures also, and I want to share some of them with you.

Click here to visit Davide’s site and see some of more his work! 





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