We’re about to begin a project here, a DIY gardening dream that involves shovels, a wheelbarrow, several tons of flagstone, water pumps and perhaps a turtle. Teresa and I are going to redo a corner of the yard that is tucked behind a beautiful magnolia tree, a spot so shady that grass doesn’t want to grow and algae does. (Welcome to Florida.)

I’m sharing this with you because we are approaching this project in true Middle Aged Crazy fashion; we’ll be stretching and learning while we try to create a design that is something like the idea we have in mind. The project lies at the outer boundaries of my abilities, I can dig holes and pile rocks. I clearly have some more skills to acquire. I enjoy the stretching part, as you know, whether its going to school or sitting in rain forest waterfalls, I love to learn new skills and apply them. It’s good to get in over your head now and then.

Like any artistic endeavor, we need to come up with a good design, learn enough to produce the work and, here’s the hard part: actually DO the work. Let’s face it, going to “pond stores” and looking at pretty garden designs is fun. Digging holes and not losing a finger under a pile of stones is not.

So, I’ll keep you posted, reporting in to you will be a part of my accountability!

The Before Picture:

One Response to Do It Yourself

  • Valerie Williams says:

    There’s a metaphor in this somewhere for tending to our garden before it goes completely to ruin. Good luck with the project.

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