Enrico Fermi, the Nobel Prize winning physicist mathematically proved that with every breath we take we are breathing in a molecule that was a molecule of breath of every other person on the planet, alive and dead. We are all connected. You and St. Francis, you and Steve Jobs, you and Hitler. What is one to do with this little molecule of knowledge?

We honor ourselves, humanity and our creator by valuing these breaths and making them matter.

It’s year end and I usually write about setting goals. Goal setting, to me, is a matter of deciding what you are going to accomplish and setting up a daily system of tasks and accountability to get there. Easy enough once you make your goals measurable and take daily action. This is the hard part:

Unless you believe in yourself, you won’t accomplish your goals. Self help books, pep talks, life coaches and affirmations will only go so far if you don’t buy in with the one person who matters most: you. And, my friends, that is the problem. We often give up on ourselves before everyone else does. That’s why most New Year’s resolutions have already been forgotten, we didn’t mean them in the first place because… well, because we know us.

Deep down, we value things other than our sense of purpose and happiness. We get convinced that we are selfish if we try to take care of ourselves, if we set off after our own dreams. Too often we are led to believe that self confidence is the same as egotism, that determination, single mindedness and success only come at the expense of others, that being humble and selfless is the same as being subservient and weak. Making changes will upset some things, isn’t that the point? We find ourselves wrestling with our conscious with words like these:

Deciding to take care of your body is not selfish. Deciding to achieve a long time goal is not something you need anyone’s permission for: following your dreams is what makes life worth living. But, before anyone else can cheer you on, lead you or follow you to your goals, you have to know, in your heart of hearts, that you are going to get something done. People, circumstances and opportunities come and go in your life but the one constant is you. You decide what you will do and as you approach a new year, know this:

You need to check in with yourself. How do you feel about You? It’s ok to ask and it is ok to be honest with yourself. Avoiding reality is a bad deal. Take inventory and decide what you need to change to be happy. Being happy is one of the goals in life and it can only come from leading an examined and aware life. Being happy might mean finding your true purpose, your mission, your canvas. We love New Years because it is a time to turn the page. Every 365 (or 6) days we get to begin over, to re-invent ourselves, why not make a decision to get around to doing somethings that really, really matter to you?

Are you going to go though the motions of making empty resolutions or are you going to check in with life this year? No one, dear friend, can answer this one for you.

As for me? I am ready to move forward. I’ve wrestled quite a bit with this concept, I’ve learned to be more accepting, more understanding and less “selfish”. I’ve learned the hardest words in scripture, “Thy will be done.” Yet, in my meditations and prayers, I’ve gotten the message back that I can be accepting and loving while still being strong and determined. Like bamboo, I can bend and not break. I’m excited to make 2012 a success and hope you’ll join me, since according math, each time we breath, we are proving we are all in this together.


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