We are taught to “be good”, “behave” and conform so we might get along and go along. We are supposed to be nice, friendly and agreeable. How else will we get a good job in a corporate assembly line and move up? We have to play the game. We are supposed to be good citizens, model employees and set a good example for our neighbors.


That’s why I love creative people. The very act of creation comes from an attitude of questioning. To make something new, by definition, you have to question the status quo, the way things are always done and most of all, authority. As artists: sheep are terrible. Creativity requires just enough ego to say, “I know a better way” and then not to be dissuaded from it. It’s about risk, about occasionally getting in trouble and even feeling lost. If you aren’t in over your head once in a while, you aren’t trying hard enough. No one can make a difference without being the difference.

I suggest today is the day you stand up for common sense, creativity and yourself. Tell the clerk who insists on “carding you” that you are a long way past 21 and you are not complimented by her store’s ridiculous policy and you will only buy wine at stores that are not run by idiots. Tell the next person who tells you “It’s company policy” that you have policies too. Tell the office gossip monger that you don’t need to hear her nonsense. Tell your boss that you came here to make a difference and you are sick of the meteoric slide to the middle by everyone involved.

Decide that today you are an artist and even if your job is that of a toll taker on the highway, you will bring passion, art and creativity to it.

Otherwise: what exactly is the point?


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