You walk past them and tighten up, feeling a little resentful, more than a little guilty, you probably say something to blame them,

“Damn, can’t we just go to the store without having to :

A. Buy Girl Scout Cookies

B. Hear them ringing that damn bell

C. See some homeless guy with his hand out.

So, we walk by, having a conversation inside our brain that goes something like this:

Haven’t they got anything better to do? Why does the store allow them to compete for business? Isn’t it awfully early for Christmas? Can’t they make the homeless stay in certain zones? Why do I have to give up  my hard earned cash? My cash is all the way back in the car…

We feel a little tight in the shoulders, then we begin to dread the trip outside, when we know we will hunch our shoulders, look the other way or pretend to get a cell phone call when we pass them by again.

After all, those cookies will only make me fat, I give to the United Way, that homeless guy will only spend it on booze.

I have a way to stop those conversations in your head, to avoid this particular pain, to feel better about yourself.

Just give.

Click here to view the embedded video.


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