A member of the opposition forces occupying my home (one of my grown children) perfectly illustrated the terms to which my wife and I were forced to surrender. This grown woman, with a Master’s Degree, communicated her perfect lack of awareness of irony and of the workings of the real world in this verbatim recount of our conversation last night:

“Can you believe the toilet paper Mom bought? It’s one ply.”

“Yea, I think she made a mistake, I was there with her and we had the conversation that I think if you should spend money on anything, it should be nice toilet paper. But we ended up with this one anyway.”

“The last time she did this, I went and bought MY OWN. Then, we she got nicer rolls, I took a few rolls of hers.”

“So… you realize that we have gone beyond a metaphor here, you are now actually wiping your butt with my money.”

“Well, not actually… but yea.”

“SO, now, if we buy crappy stuff for ourselves, you’ll go buy your own stuff?”

“Um, yea… That took a nasty turn.”

Sigh. I’m still waiting for Stockholm Syndrome to kick in.


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