Even the fence posts grow in Costa Rica. I’m back from Arenal Volcano in the heart of the Costa Rican rain forest and I know it must have been a good trip because we’ve already fantasized about moving there. The land is mountainous, the weather temperate and the people are wonderful.

Costa Ricans love Costa Rica. Unlike the Caribbean, where  I always get the idea the natives would jump at any chance to move to the U.S., Costa Ricans are proud and happy. I jumped into a cab and asked, “Como esta?” and was answered with the standard C.R. answer, “Pura Vida!”

Pura Vida, pure life, means the land and life is good. Costa Ricans are “present,” to use a new age term. I saw no stress in a week, witnessed no road rage, heard no raised voices. Rather than rape the land, they live in harmony with it, the country is ground zero for the eco-tourism movement. The rivers are clear and pure, the forests unscathed, the closest I’ll ever get to the Garden of Eden. Sure there is poverty and there are problems in Costa Rica, but nothing like the misery and hopelessness I’ve seen in the rest of the Caribbean. In fact, because of the high education level of the population, the government has enacted extensive guest worker programs with neighboring Nicaragua for menial jobs.


Back to those fence posts: there are 2 kinds of trees in Costa Rica that are so full of life that the branches continue to grow if you hack them off and stick them in the ground.  The farmers use them to fence the land, these fence posts sprout blossoms and come back to life! Costa Rica has no standing army, a great education system and a blooming economy. The real estate prices don’t look too bad either… Hmmmm.




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