Creativity is often about solving problems, coming up with new ways to do things and seeing the world just a little differently than everyone else. In other words, not accepting the status quo. In this economy, where we are supposed to be grateful to have a job, even if we are doing the work of three people, let’s not forget who we are, what generation we belong to: It’s time to “think for yourself and question authority.”

In a world where people are overworked or out of work, where apathy and exhaustion replace ingenuity and enthusiasm, think for yourself, question authority.

Question those who claim to know what is best for you, whether from the podium or the pulpit. Think for yourself.

Question those who tell you, “It is company policy.” Question authority.

Question those who enforce laws that are immoral. Think for yourself.

Question those who discourage thinking. Question authority.

Question those who have no vision. Think for yourself.

Question anything that forces you to go against your values. Question authority.

Question those who tell you what is in “your best interest.” Think for yourself.

Question those who love the status quo and resist change. Question authority

Question those who are satisfied and lazy. Think for yourself.

If you are seeing life as an artist, if you are truly leading with your creative side, then you have to notice things that trouble you, pique your curiosity or get your imagination flowing. The most important thing you can ask yourself to become more creative?


If you believe all the great thoughts have already been thought, if all good ideas ceased after the founding fathers died or biblical times ended, you are going to have a hard time embracing change. Driving by looking through the rear view mirror is dangerous. Questioning authority is American, it is creative, it is your obligation. (It also makes you better at your job.)

Change is not only inevitable, it is proof that life is occurring around you. Grab a mitt, get in the game.

Robots don’t think for themselves.

Question authority. Think for yourself.

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