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‎”Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.” Susan Ertz

Life is about compromise, so it seems. Have you compromised so much that it is no longer your life? You do for others, you try to make everyone happy and, if you are not careful, you lose you. When you remember who you are you risk being called selfish. Talk about “self” pisses some people off, we are supposed to serve others. There is a fine line between living a life of joyful service and being a frustrated spectator.

Hopelessness, resignation, alienation, bad eating habits, beer drinking and TV filled weekends happen when we punt. We watch reality TV, read People magazine and listen to political talk radio, maybe if we don’t have a life we can live vicariously through someone who does. We get so used to being spectators we forget that we are given this miraculous ability to create a life. To CREATE a life. It is not selfish to take responsibility for your own life. You don’t have to live a virtual on line life when you have a real one!

We put all our hope in a relationship and it doesn’t work out. We give all we have to our kids and they disappoint, we put our heart and soul into our job and all they want is more, more, more. Where did meaning go? The truth is, you did all those things because you wanted to. It is all temporary until you tie meaning to it. “Happiness” is way over rated, in my opinion. Let’s talk more about having a passion for life, even if that passion includes hard work, pain and suffering.

See, it’s not simply about happiness. It’s about meaning and being engaged in your own life. That passion for living happens when you step in and assume your role as composer of your own life. Serve, if you are called, love if it is your destiny, and accept the consequences as a part of the world you are creating. You are the author, no one else. You get to live your script.

Until then, you are settling. You are settling for being someone else’s tool, for being a cog, for being a spectator.

Say it: “Enough ain’t enough this time, I ain’t settling for anything less than everything.”

Take charge, find an outlet, a way to bring meaning and fulfillment to your existence

“Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love.”
Hope is way underrated of the three. Creativity, making something, is an act of hope as well as love.

Go make something, you artist you! Smell the scents in the kitchen, feel the wind in your face, enjoy the silence of your own company, find and be the love all around you. Make a life that is filled with passion, feel again. When you do for someone else, notice how good it makes you feel. Pat yourself on the back, sometimes no one else will!

Robots don’t laugh.


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