I naturally go against the grain. Not in a Goth, biker, piercings kind of way. Rather, I just don’t like to go in the same direction as everyone else. Hell, usually I don’t even want to be in the same corridor as everyone else. It works well as an investor and sometimes as a writer, but not so good in real life. I don’t care for style, fads or mass hysteria. I like to be alone, in my thoughts, in my opinions and, often, in life.

I resent the media tries to tell us what we should get all worked up about, that they think Newt Gingrich (or any other glad-hander) has anything to do with my life or that someone named Snookie is even making it into this space. So, why I am captivated by the story of a player in a sport I don’t even particularly care for?

This Tim Tebow thing has shown up on my radar, like everyone else’s. My fifteen year old and I have bonded over the last 5 weeks watching the games of the Denver Broncos, sort of a far flung team for a couple of guys in Orlando. James is a golfer and I am a philosopher, football on Sunday is not usually what we do, but somehow, we have been drawn into the story of a guy who is not supposed to be good enough yet finds ways to come from behind to win games week after week. (His team has won 6 games in a row in fairly unbelievable style and James and I have managed to see the end of all of them, without any pre-planning).

On the one hand I am amazed by the luck/ miracles/ courage displayed by this guy and on the other, I am wired to mock the cultural momentum he is gathering. What’s a curmudgeon to do? I admire that Tebow wears his faith on his sleeve while also being ready to question why his prayers somehow count more than those of his opponents. I am simultaneously appalled and amused by the people who imitate (or mock)  his prayerful demeanor or that the term “Tebowing” has entered our language (Kneeling on one knee, thoughtfully in prayer and then pointing to heaven). I am puzzled by the Christians who have claimed him as their hero as much as I am confused by the people who mock him for his faith.

I guess, more than anything, it has given my son and I something to laugh, marvel and talk about. If you raise teenagers, you learn to take your victories wherever they come. For this one, I will get down on one knee and give thanks.


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