In every organization in the world there are poets and philosophers who have slipped past the suits in human resources. Middle Age Crazy is about freeing the creative ones from bondage and encouraging them to unleash the chaos necessary for organizational survival and growth.

Rick DiBiasio is a dynamic keynote and breakout session speaker, available for select events and conferences. His talks are uplifting, entertaining and fun! Rick is based in Orlando and promises to be the easiest speaker you’ve ever worked with.

Currently, Rick you can hire Rick for these programs:

Middle Aged Crazy: Why Being Creative Might Save Your Life


Extrinsic motivation can only go so far, creating an environment where your colleagues are already motivated, intrinsically, is a better goal. Our Keynote and workshop, “Middle Aged Crazy,” is designed for those who are striving to find meaning and purpose in their lives, it’s designed to help creativity and passion meet to create an interested, engaged work staff. Middle Age is a moving target, it’s a time when we reevaluate a lifetime of decision making and decide if that decision making process will serve us well in the rest of our lives. We all used to color, as children, sing at the top of our longs and “make believe” without inhibition. Rediscovering your Creative Beast is the key to finding fulfillment and meaning in the second half of life and can help you rediscover your creative voice and give it permission to sing. Wayne Dyer says, “Don’t die with your music in you” and this program is designed to help you take flight. By seeing life as an artist, by focusing on creation, you get better at everything you do, even if it is a job you don’t normally think of as “creative.” Even workers who choose their career as a means to a creative end will be more curious, engaged and fulfilled if they see life as creative beings.

Attendees will learn: How no one else can tell your story, How creativity is applied imagination, how all art begins with emotion, how “putting yourself out there” is challenging but worth the risk and what a day as a creative person is like. You’ll leave this session feeling refreshed and energized, seeing the world through the eyes of your forgotten artist. (60-90 Minutes Keynote and Breakout)

The Creative Improv Workshop
Wouldn’t you love to work at a place where everyone is creative, interested, involved and engaged. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you never knew where your next creative idea might come from, if everyone on staff was thinking about making your company better? Rick DiBiasio, an author and experienced Improv performer will lead a workshop in Comedic Improv and how it can help you and the people you work with become better team players. Improv is not about putting a bunch of funny people on stage and letting them run amuck, rather: Good Improv relies on the same team building skills that any successful organization needs to succeed. “Say Yes”, “Listen”, “Be flexible” and many other principals of good business are taught during this workshop that is also, dare we say, funny! If you are a fan of Whose Line is It Anyway or your local Improv Troupe, you’ll learn many of the secrets of good comedy and good business in this rip roaringly hilarious 90 minutes session. Audience participation is encouraged (but if you want to sit quietly and watch: that’s ok too). We will learn some of the basic improv games and run scenes. The goal of the session is to create an understanding of how important cooperation, enthusiasm and listening are in most endeavors. (1-3 hours, Keynote and Breakout Session)

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