1. You are the sum of your choices. As soon as you take responsibility for your own life and decide what you want, take action and work towards it with determination you are likely to achieve it. You are creating a life, every second, of every day. Be the change in the world that you seek.

2. Bad stuff happens. It is not your fault if the economy collapses, if you get sick or if you can’t reach your goals. Learning to allow and accept reality is part of your journey. Blaming yourself for attracting the normal, yet painful parts of life is like blaming the lawn for attracting the lawnmower. Some stuff is just not your fault.

3. No one intentionally makes bad decisions. Not everyone will buy into your plan, try to see all sides of an argument, that is true wisdom. Be firm in your own beliefs but tolerant of others.

4. There is a greater power and you can tap into it, you can call it whatever you want.

5. Love wins and laughter lubricates.

6. You are a spiritual being in a physical body.

7. You won’t find a lasting relationship until you learn to accept yourself.

8. You can not delegate success, weight loss, relationships or anything else important to any coach, partner, guru or parent. See rule number 1. You also can’t blame anyone else for conditions that you allowed or created. Again, see rule number 1. You are the sum of your choices.

9. Actions speak louder than words.

10. There is no “Secret”. You don’t always get what you attract. However; optimism is powerful (Some call it faith, hope or love). You are more likely to recognize opportunity if you are expecting it.


That’s it, the next time you are headed for a self help seminar or about to download a book, refer to these rules and save some time and money.

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