7 more people got killed today.

They were gunned down by someone who didn’t like the way they worship God. Shot while they were worshipping God. This barely two weeks after a bunch of people were randomly gunned down while watching a movie. Neither is a capital crime.

We ‘ve been arguing a lot about the Bible lately, an argument started by a fried chicken salesman and his strict interpretation of some fairly obscure Bible verses. That’s fine, discussions are probably healthy in the long run.

There shouldn’t be any argument about killing, its Commandment One, written in stone. It doesn’t say murder, it says kill. What would Jesus do? Well, when Peter tried the concealed sword trick in Gesthemane Jesus reattached the severed ear of someone who was there to apprehend him. He didn’t call an army of angels to smite Judas, he surrendered, trusting in God. No excuses. He didn’t kill.

He didn’t hide behind the second amendment (probably cause there wasn’t one yet).

The first commandment doesn’t say don’t marry Larry if your name is Harry. And, until we can get as riled up about maniacs killing people with legal weapons as we are about same sex marriage, we are doomed. If you don’t believe in gay marriage, don’t marry a dude. But, if you are worried about sending your kids to church or the movies and not seeing them come home, it is time to get riled up.



6 Responses to The Next Time

  • Candy says:

    For once I disagree with you. The New Testament is clear about homosexuality. I didn’t write the verses. It is not a cafeteria Bible, and you should know that from your degree. I sin every day, as do all people- there was only One who was Perfect. We try to be more like Him- the process of sanctification. I don’t believe in killing anyone for their religious beliefs unless they’re about to kill me for mine- and that would be a face-to-face type of engagement. The killings of those in the Temple were another atrocity of intolerance for people who were not harming anyone, nor attempting to force their religious beliefs upon us, unlike some other religions with no tolerance for any but their own beliefs.

  • Teresa says:

    You need to read Matthew 19. It address homosexality.

  • Rick says:

    That’s fine Candy, reasonable people can disagree. And we do.

    • Candy says:

      We disagree on scriptural interpretation. Read: 1Corinthians 6:9 about continuing in immorality. I saw nothing in Matthew 19 addressing homosexuality. Re-read twice. Candy

  • Judy says:

    “until we can get as riled up about maniacs killing people with legal weapons as we are about same sex marriage, we are doomed”

    Something tells me the people commenting COMPLETELY missed the point of the article. PEOPLE ARE BEING KILLED and you are quoting bible versus about sex. Where are your priorities?

    • Candy says:

      Judy. did you read my original post? I said no on should be killed for practicing peaceful religious beliefs.

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