Do you get the urge? You know: an obsessions, a fixation, an excitement. You can’t stop thinking bout it, day dreaming about it, planning, anticipating, an inability to think of anything else. It’s a hunger, a thirst, an itch that only one thing can scratch…

You need to create something.

Why? What were you thinking?

This week my medium is a new one: stone. I bought three tons of rock and two tons of sand yesterday and I am going to build a patio like I sat on in Tuscany and a waterfall to brighten up the dullest part of our yard. But, you know, it doesn’t really matter what it is I’m going to create, its the fascination and excitement that comes with a new project. There is something about creation that taps the unknown, the collective unconscious and the idea that a mere idea will soon become a reality.

Sure, this one is just a DIY project, something any homeowner can knock off in a weekend, I’m not exactly building the next great cathedral. It doesn’t matter, I get to design, plumb and carry heavy stuff. I get to change my environment and the anticipation is giving me chills…

So, whether you have a story coming out, a new painting that needs to get done or a new website to code: go make something, you’ll probably need a nap after, but you will feel great!

What my upcoming waterfall looks like (to me):



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