Take a minute and draw on the collective memories we all share and imagine that you are a serf in medieval Europe, farming the land for your Lord and Master. You know nothing of freedom, your Lord all but owns you and the church has claimed your soul. You live a short life in your village, knowing only of the people you see and the stories you are told.

Here’s something you don’t know a lot about: Art.

You probably only hear music in church or if you are lucky enough, a musician in town. You might sing together, but certainly no recordings exist.

You don’t read, only monks and priests had access to written words.

Architecture? Not so much.

Plays? Theater? You’ve never seen either.

You probably haven’t even seen a painting, at least outside of your church. Life is too hard; you can’t imagine someone doing something as frivolous as art. You had to grow food, make clothes, and avoid dying every day.

Why am I time traveling today? Because its good to be reminded that we are surrounded by art and images all day, every day. Sometimes we don’t even notice. Our rooms, our roads,and our computer screens are filled with the results of centuries of study of art and design, our ears filled with all manner of jingles, pop songs and expression, our cities filled with architectural marvels, our televisions and movie screens filled with stories and images we might never have imagined.

We take art for granted: until we try to create it. Once you begin to write the book, or learn music theory, or take an acting class, you understand the work and skill that goes into creating something of quality. You understand how an artist puts herself out there everytime she creates and how lucky we are to live an age that takes creativity for granted.

You can define modern civilization in many ways, but we certainly could suggest that we live in the age of the artist. That’s why it is time to Release Your ¬†CREATIVE BEAST, there has never been a better time, in all of history, to do so. The world has been preparing for your arrival,







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