Once an archer releases the arrow, it is out of his control, says the Bhagavad Gita.

Not easy for we who are driven, motivated,over achievers or just plain scared. When things don’t work for me, I tend to grit my teeth, do my Little Engine That Could thing and PUSH!
How’s that working so far?
While determination, hard work and motivation have their place, there is another side to the coin. There is always another side to the coin, yet we often refuse to turn it over. Control, a tight grip and a narrow focus are not the only way to get where you are going. Sometimes, we end up where we didn’t intend, that doesn’t mean we are in the wrong place.
Acceptance is not a dirty word. Sometimes, we might need to realize we are part of a bigger plan and we should relax and enjoy the ride. Yes, we should still take action, but it might be a good idea to release the outcome of our actions. Flexibility is a good thing.
In my Yoga practice, we talk about the difference between Yin and Yang. Yang yoga is “masculine.” It is power yoga, going for the stretch, finding yourself in an uncomfortable spot and staying there for a while. Yin yoga is more passive. In our Yin sessions, we don’t try so hard. We get in a pose and hold it for 5 minutes, only going to the very edge of the stretch.
Here’s the cool thing: In Yin Yoga, you end up stretching a little more, you find yourself deeper into the poses because you are relaxed and more allowing. That’s a hard lesson for me.
The Yin Yang symbol has a dot of the opposite color in either side because nothing is purely Yin or purely Yang. Perhaps, easing up a little and allowing life to happen is a secret you need to embrace too. No one planned to get downsized, divorced, sick or depressed, that is life. Life is about change and embracing change is how we live life.
So, I suggest you take a deep breath today and take stock. Figure out where you are, how you got there and find something to be grateful for. Once you are present, and only then, decide where you want to go next.

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