Me and Daughter Rachel on her Graduation Night.

Think Huffington Post for Creative People.

Dear Creative Friends:

I began Middle Aged Crazy a little over a year ago as an on line vehicle for my book research. I’ve gotten to meet thousands of people (virtually) here and have found my life’s calling. (It’s about time, I’ll be 55 next month). I’ve found that all of the interests of my life have converged in this joyous mission to reunite people with their creative essence, to Release Their Creative Beast.

A funny thing happened on the way to writing this book: technology. Books, while still a favorite of mine, are being replaced by other information delivery media like video’s, blogs, ebooks and digital readers. The concept of waiting for a publisher to ok your work and getting around to publish you is quaint and outmoded. It turns out, if you have something to say, you are better off just saying it.

Does that mean I am not writing a book? Two answers, “No” and “Hell no!” Of course, I am writing a bunch of books, there is NO better feeling in the world than opening that first UPS box of your books from the publisher, seeing your book on Amazon or autographing copies. A book is validation. So, yes, my ego demands I write books.

In the meantime, I am very interested in this creative revolution that we have started here. I’m meeting (self appointed and actual) experts in the field of creativity and the psychology of aging, technology, spirituality, performance, humor, social media and publishing. I’ve decided to morph this blog into a one stop shop for creatives, a place you can book mark to get information on almost anything creative that is going on in the world.

I’ll be keeping myself (and you) up to date on topics that effect us as we grow and reach fulfillment, wisdom and avoid being “elderly”.  We’ll be linking to articles in blogs, magazines, the news and anywhere else I can find someone who supports our premiss (or blows it out of the water.) I’ll be trying to differentiate between the hucksters and the serious, between the facts and fallacies and once in a while, I’ll try to bring you a laugh.

I’ll want to exhibit your work, your Etsey sight, your website, your blog and have great discussions. We’ll work to provide mobile applications so you can share our work with friends everywhere, no matter what the platform.

Will I still be blogging? “Yes” and “Hell Yes”, I’ll still be writing my own columns. Can’t help it, to be honest with you, stuff’s gotta come out.

I’ve promoted myself to editor of a new on line magazine, I hope to serve our movement (and you) by getting information, other points of view, hope, love and laughter to anyone who has reached the place we call Mid Life and says,

“Now what?”

So, be prepared to link, book mark and participate in a new platform that I hope to have on line within a month. Let me know if you’d like to play along!


P.S. Here are some of my departments, let me know what I am missing: photography,  music lessons, cooking classes, writers, painters, mixed media, improv,  social media and tech news, fun stuff ( random things that strike my fancy), reader’s blogs, middle age psychology stuff, yoga, community theater, dance ( rumba, lessons etc)…

What else?

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