As you might know, I usually post here once or twice a week, but life has overtaken blogging lately.

My best and most passionate writing has been reserved for my coursework where I have been talking about philosophy, St. Francis, the failings of the modern self help movement and how creativity is a product of spirituality. It’s really good stuff, but written in an academic style and perhaps a little too arcane for a space deisgned to encourage creativity.

I’ve also been designing and creating a new investment firm, a task that has reignited my entrepreneurial spirit. I’m designing a firm that will focus on service, education, great investments. I’m creating some videos for a new website and I am sure it will be nothing like Wall Street has ever produced, I think you’ll love it. Imagine, an investment firm that actually takes the time to listen to you, explain things to you, and allows you to invest in a manner attuned to your values.

And; of course, I am honored to be helping Teresa recover from her breast cancer. She has had successful chemotherapy and surgery and we are looking forward to the next steps in the protocol that her doctors have prescribed. Dealing with this has been quite a humbling and educational experience. Let me tell you this, some people are genetically pre-disposed to certain diseases and there is no amount of diet or positive thinking that will override that. I have no patience or tolerance for anyone who says that she has somehow attracted this or that our lifestyle is responsible.

That’s just one of the things I am passionate about lately, I am fired up about a lot of the things going on in the world today and I hope to reignite my blogging passion sson.



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  • Valerie Williams says:

    Glad to know all is well….love the new photo….and the news about Teresa! Blessings to all…..don’t you just LOVE teaching? Me, too!

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