I got an interesting E Mail from Scott Horwitz this weekend, a very funny guy. Like me, after a career in finance, he set out to release his creative side. Scott chose to release his passion through stand up comedy, a medium of which I am a big fan.

As a member of a comedic improv troupe, I have genuine admiration for anyone who tries the nakedness of standup. It’a all about the audience’s attitude: in improv, the audience is on your side, they are trying to guess where you will go and are either gratified when you say what they think you should say or, even better, thrilled if you totally surprise them. Stand up, on the other hand, is not quite as participatory. The audience knows you are going to tell jokes and their attitude is, “Go ahead, make me laugh, I dare you.” In Improv, you have fellow performers to bail you out, in stand up you either “kill” or “die.” In improv, we rely on spontaneity and eschew “jokes”. Standup requires prepared and memorized material that must be delivered with perfect timing; while both forms of comedy can be hilarious, I believe the rules and structure of improv make it a safer place to play. There is no way I have the nerve to do a stand up set!

Scott is a brave soul; I hope you enjoy his set. I did!

And, by the way, feel free to drop us a line about your creative outlet!



Came across your blog via Facebook and it resonated with me.
Having spent the better part of three decades in the financial world as a currency trader, always longing to be doing something else, I recently put myself out there and did a stand-up comedy routine.
It was out of my normal comfort zone, but it was so freeing and invigorating, both during and after the performance.
I’ve shared the clip with you only so you could see how much fun it was for one middle-aged man to “march to the music which he hears.”
Thanks for putting together a compilation of your experiences and those of others.
Best regards,
Scott Horwitz
Chappaqua, NY


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