25% of Employees reported being driven to tears in the marketplace.

50% Call their place of work a place of verbal abuse and yelling.

30% Are regularly given unrealistic deadlines

52% Have to work 12 hour days to get their work done

According to The Invisible Employee (Gostick and Elton) work is not such a happy place for many of us. “I’m lucky to have a job” only goes so far, as my friend Lisa said, “I have now drifted from the “it is what it is group” to the “Pissed Parade.”

Gostick and Elton, business consultants, go on to say that, despite the pressure of our jobs, most of us would work even harder if we are offered appreciation and a little recognition. Acknowledgement goes a long way.

Maybe that’s where the artist in you can help.

In these hard economic times, it is a challenge to not go into overwhelm, to not feel like we are being swept away by floodwaters. That’s where staying present and viewing life as an artist can help. By seeing the world as an observer, by deciding that you don’t have to go crazy just because everyone around you is, you will be seen as someone who helps others stay grounded. By approaching life creatively and with a sense of humor, you will be seen as a leader.

This creative stuff isn’t just about playing guitar and writing poetry, it’s about dealing with life itself creatively, even if you simply have to find a creative way to sum life up, like my friend Lisa.

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