“I appreciate what you do.”

“Thanks for your help.”

“It’s good to work with someone who loves their job.”

Note to self: Wouldn’t you float on a cloud all day if someone said that to you? We all love to be appreciated, to be validated. When we look a waitress in the eye and appreciate them, it counts more than the tip. When we thank our kid’s teacher or our gardner for helping us, it lifts them up.

And us too.

You can tell a whole lot about someone by the way they treat people that might be considered “subordinate.” Employees, service workers, government clerks are easy targets for bullies and the insecure. If you have an inflated view of yourself, you are more likely to devalue those around you.

Rather, if you think that someone simply has a different job than you, you are less likely to treat them poorly. “Yes, his job is to clear the tables, but he does it to the best of his ability, what can I learn from him?”

Artists observe.

If you look at life through creative eyes, you might see people as more than someone there to help you get what you want. The waitress might be the heroine of your next scene, the old diner the subject of your photograph, the beat up car for sale the potential reclamation project.

See the world through the soul of a creation who is here to create.

Funny thing, you don’t know if the guy working at Burger King does Stand Up on the weekends, if the bank manager does fantastic art, if the motor vehicle clerk is a talented writer. It’s better to assume that everyone has some kind of spark inside.

The other side of the coin is this: the grouchiest, bitchiest, most nasty customer you deal with might be the person who needs love the most. So is the renegade child, the grumpy old man (and you when you go off on someone.) We forget that we are all just trying to get through the day. Forgiveness and understanding go a long way.

Work is noble. Some of us are lucky enough to find what we do fascinating and fulfilling. Some don’t. Some of us are artists on the inside, some of us are trying to get to our next paycheck.

We are all creations and we all deserve a little acknowledgement that we are here and we are trying, even if it doesn’t seem like we are fully involved.

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