Work is serious business. You have deadlines, budgets, benchmarks and reviews to worry about. It’s easy to see yourself and your staff as a little, well: robotic. How do you increase productivity, avoid burnout and build better teams?

That’s easy! Laugh. Bond. Understand one another. CREATE.

Author Rick DiBiasio is currently offering two popular workshops designed to help your people accept and release their Creative Beasts. It’s through creativity that we rediscover our passion, our joy, our reason for going to work in the first place. We are all artists, we all used to color outside the lines, sing with abandon and play make believe. As children, we led with out imagination. Somewhere along the way we learned it was better to get things right, to play nice with others, to not take chances. While growing up has its advantages, we’ve forgotten some of the things that made life what it can be again: joyous! Releasing Your Creative Beast is about remembering that we are creations with the ability to create again.

What’s the most important trait that Americans bring to the world? That’s right, creativity and if you bring passion and imagination to your work, if work becomes play, then you can’t be replaced by a computer or have your job outsourced to Asia.

Rick will customize the workshop for your group, you’ll find he is the easiest speaker you’ve ever worked with. Call us at 321-438-7922 to learn more.

Improv In The Workplace:

Improvisational Comedy is not only entertaining, it is an excellent tool to teach creative principals, build teams and simply have fun! (Think of the show Whose Line Is It Anyway?) Improv is NOT simply a matter of putting some funny people on stage and watching hilarity ensue, there are important rules and a defined structure to successful Improv. It turns out, the structure of Improv has hundreds of lessons that apply to the workplace. Improv is not so much about jokes and punchlines as it is about teamwork and listening. My workshops are a fun and relaxed way to learn:

* How to build on spontaneity

* Good listening skills

* How to stretch beyond who you think you are.

* How to accept good ideas from anybody

* How to raise your energy level

* Learning to say “Yes And” to inspiration

* That mistakes Rock because they show you are willing to put yourself out there, where creation lives.

* That laughter is the best medium for creativity

* And Much more!

The Improv Workshop is a high energy half day program for groups of 8 to 20. (Participation is encouraged in a loving way, no one is asked to do anything they don’t want to do.) There is no lecture or prepared talk in this workshop, rather, in the spirit of Improv, we play a series of Improv games, beginning with warm ups and ending with full scenes. Through group discussion, we find out what each game taught us and the workshop ends with a discussion of how to apply these lessons in the workplace.

Here’s what Anne Manning blogged about after attending one of our workshops at the CPSI Conference in Atlanta.

When Do I Get to Be Me?

This workshop is designed to help anyone who manages or works with people approaching the stage of life known as “Middle Age.” We want to find meaning in our lives, we want to know that the work we do is somehow going to make our lives, our customers and our world better. Careers are funny things, we can find ourselves in places we didn’t expect to go and it is reasonable to take inventory now and then. This work shops helps to address these questions in the context of becoming more creative, of Releasing the voice of inspiration (Your Creative Beast) that is hiding in every one of us.

*Who defines you?

*Why it is good to stretch and try a new pursuit. (“Allow yourself to suck.”)

*Seeing the world, every day, through new eyes, the eyes of an artist.

* Why creativity just might save your life.

* The key to aging: stop leaning back and lean forward.

*Rediscovering passion and meaning.

When Do I Get to Be Me is designed for 6 to 25 participants. It includes discussion, exercises and a signed copy of my book and a workbook.

Isn’t it time to Release your Beast?

Call me today at 321-438-7922 to discuss a full or half day program for your event or organization.