What makes you feel Fulfilled? You know: whole, accomplished, engaged, focused? What is it you’d rather do than anything else? Why do you get out of bed? Why do I ask? Because when you are feeling that way, you are an artist.

You don’t have to paint or dance to be an artist, at least by my definition. You are an artist when you are so engaged in your task that you are bringing your own passion and particular skills so you are creating something new. A new way of solving problems, a new way of approaching an ordinary job, a new way of spending a day. That’s creativity, that’s art.

Here’s what you need to be an artist: action, knowledge and devotion. There is something in your life that brings that out in you and that’s your medium. Your medium might be sculpture or piano. It also might be caring for people, teaching a class, designing street lights or being a Mom. Everyone is creative, we are all artists, once we find our palette!

You Creative Beast you!

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