I got to give my talk last night and noticed I was firing on all cylinders as I made my presentation. I talk about finding creativity and help people to realize they are creative beings, a subject that has become my life’s mission. It’s amazing, when you are doing something you love, how creativity flows and you get in the “Zone”. I was able to add new stuff, read my audience and keep things fresh because I wasn’t just giving a speech, I was speaking my truth. Have you got anything in your life that makes you feel like that?

I’m convinced that each of us has a calling, something that we not only love to do but something we know makes a difference to others. As we listen to our soul, we find out that we came here for a purpose and once you find that purpose, going downstream is easier than fighting the current. Being engaged in life is much better than being a robot. Finding your creative side is the shortest route to finding your mission, find a way to express your passion and you will instantly become engaged.

When you are “on”, when you are living as an artist, you are more alert, more sensual, more imaginative and more focused. That’s a good thing.

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