One of the things that sets us apart from other species is our drive to create. Innovation, design and problem solving are other things we call this urge, in order to fully realize who we are, we have an innate need to make something new. Ken Wibur, modern philosopher, calls this urge “Eros” and likens it to our sex drive, that’s how important the urge to create is.

“Its the desire to exist, the drive of Spirit toward an ever-increasing, even-higher, ever more complex form of existence. In other words, Eros is the drive of evolution.”

When I started talking about Releasing Your Creative Beast, I stumbled upon the spiritual component of Creativity almost by accident. Except there are no accidents. Making your soul happy, finding your authentic self is a lot more than enjoying beer and wings and driving a nice car. To truly find your purpose in life, to find out why you are here in the first place involves some form of creation. I’ll leave that form up to you.

Whether you get that joy from carefully constructing a birdhouse or a paragraph, singing a song or raising a child, it doesn’t matter as long as you are bringing forth the true you, the you who came to this life with something for the rest of us.


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