I’ve been inspired to read Carl Jung lately, the psychologist who first championed the concept of blossoming at mid life. It goes something like this: we are raised by people who train us to survive. We develop a personality that adapts to get us approval, love and food. Eventually, we move on to a place where we begin to take responsibility for our own survival, we use our personal power to find our way, set out on a path of independence. We are very focused, from birth, on ourselves and our own adaptation to reality.

That works for a long time until we get to that place we call mid life and our consciousness shifts, we become self aware, conscious, often for the first time. We begin to think about the world beyond ourselves, and begin to ask some important questions.

“Why am I here?”

“What is my life purpose?”

“When do I get to be me?”

I’m well documented on stating that the quickest way to self actualization (Jung’s term) is through releasing our creative side: to begin to listen to the voices of wonder, curiosity, whimsey, the urge to play, to love, to re-discover joy. In short: release your Creative Beast! You may not be a talented artist, heck you may not be a talented anything, but you ARE creative. Release the outcome and expectations and begin to live and think like the miracle that you are:

A Creation who Creates.

So, as you make this shift, you have to change your “major” you have to shift your awareness, just a little. We are, as Jung stated, in a constant adaptation to reality and the tools we use to adapt are:

Sensation: tells us something exists.

Thinking: tells us what it is.

Feeling: tells us whether it is agreeable or not.

Intuition: tells us whence it comes and whence it is going.

The shift to being an artist, according to his teachings, comes when we change our focus from rational thinking and feeling (feeling is considered, in this case, to be an intake of data, not emotions) to sensation and intuition. In other words, be creative!

Daydream. Allow your mind to wander, play “Yes and,” let ideas develop, see the world through new eyes, ask “what if,” solve problems.

George Bernard Shaw said: “Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream things that never were and ask why not.” Being an artist means you see a world of possibilities, not limits, you seek harmony, you want to contribute.

You want to give or receive; but not take. It’s about releasing the ego, about service, about fulfillment.

You don’t have to “make something” to see the world as an artist, as a creator.

You are creating a life every day. No, by striving to understand, to be one with life, you are fulfilling your own destiny by becoming the person you were sent here to be.


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