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  • Being a “Do-er”

    Being a Do-er

    The secret to life, as far as I am concerned, is in doing stuff. I see it this way: you can lean back on the couch and grab the remote or you can lean forward, over your skis, and let gravity take over. I like gravity and the idea of enthusiastically participating in my life. I like passion. Leaning forward is intrinsically hopeful. We are going ...

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  • La Familia

    La Familia

    The popular Prayer of St. Francis, which was written a century after his death, does not mention the word self: Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;Where there is hatred, let me sow love;Where there is injury, pardon;Where there is error, truth;Where there is doubt, faith;Where there is despair, hope;Where there is darkness, light;And where there is sadness, joy.O Divine Master, Grant that I may ...

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  • Making Stuff Vs. Being Blocked

    Making Stuff Vs. Being Blocked

    Sometimes, I forget what this creative stuff is all about. I get distracted or even a little lost. Does it happen to you? I've been in an unusual place, at least for me, I haven't wanted to create. I don't like when that happens, I start feeling guilty and lazy, I start to believe that I am cheating at life. What do you call a writer ...

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  • Being Subversive

    Being Subversive

    Have you noticed how we are supposed to be "positive" all the time? We are supposed to "buy in," be a "team player," and "look at the upside." If we don't we are labeled as malcontents and even Un-American. No one likes a gadfly. I am, you can ask anyone, an extremely positive person, most of the time; but I value people who look at status ...

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  • Magician or Mechanic?

    Magician or Mechanic?

    There is an intersection between doing your work by the letter of the job description and the creative genius who understands the true spirit of the task at hand. I'm going to call this intersection "magic" and it's a combination of creative genius, passion, and a spirit of service that wants to leave the world better than where we found it. It is  intangible, almost ...

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When Do I Get To Be Me?

Have you been so busy pleasing everyone else that you’ve become a spectator to your own life? When Do I Get to Be Me is a guide to giving yourself permission to become You again. Remember when you had lots of creative ideas, when you were eager to sing or color or dance and you saw the world with your own unique vision?

The Affluent Artist

The Affluent Artist invites artists from all walks of life to throw out the stereotypes about art and money and allow financial abundance into their lives. Whether you’ve been learning to train dolphins for SeaWorld, working as a Broadway dancer or as an Imagineer for Disney, chances are you’ve been learning about the craft, not about personal finance.

Author Rick Dibiasio - Release your creative beast!

What Is Middle Aged Crazy?

Remember passion? We were going to change the world, make a difference, we were going to use our youth and enthusiasm to make this a better place! There is still time! You've raised your kids, have a career, and have always done what you were supposed to do: yet; something is missing. You feel a need to express yourself creatively, don't you? Welcome! Middle Aged Crazy is a new place to hang and talk about your passions.

Learning an instrument? Want to sing? Draw? Cook? Paint? Become a photographer? Write? Learn a language? Then tell us about it: join our discussions, or even send me an article or video to post. (Be sure to subscribe so you won't miss a thing, we'd hate to be talking behind your back!) I'm writing a book about finding your creativity in mid life and your input will help me, I'll keep you posted as the journey unfolds. In the meantime, let's enjoy the ride! "The dimming and distancing of the wish to create is as sad an experience as we can name." Eric Maisel Ph.D. We are all creations, we are all creators, we all have the potential to be artists: you know it's in there, don't you? Let your creative beast out, we're happy you are here!

Rick DiBiasio, Author