We can only work for the money for so long. After a while, if we don’t feel like our work is meaningful and fulfilling, we are simply surviving. Even Clark Kent experienced that, this week Clark said, “I’m mad as hell and I can’t take it any more.”

Apparently, life is complicated enough for Superman without working for a bad boss!

After a while, you can only push so much paper, at least that is my experience. After a while, your Creative Beast starts to tunnel out and you want to actually produce something. That something could be something physical, or could simply be change. Making a better world is the ultimate act of creation, you can make the world better through creation. We are all creating our own stories, all writing unique dramas that only we control. Sure, circumstances might over take us, but we are always in charge of how we react, how we carry on and where the story ends. Those of us who get this, who understand that life is meant to be an adventure are the ones who truly live as artists. Clark Kent decided that he had more power than that of a lowly beat reporter: duh! He’s Superman! But, guess what? You have super powers too!

Clark Kent’s story today reminded me of a former Merrill Lynch financial advisor, Ray Walker. Ray, an African American, moved his family to Burgundy, France and makes award winning wines. He moved his loving family half way around the world on a hunch to become an expert in an industry that is not usually open to outsiders, rookies, or minorities. Ray got tired of moving paper (financial assets), he wanted to “use his hands and make something from the ground,” and, using centuries old books on wine making, does just that. I have become obsessed with his story, I want to be that passionate about my work! I want to be brave and passionate enough to move across the world and chase my dream! Talk about writing your own story!

Clark Kent may be faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive but it turns out he wasn’t mightier than working for a jerk.Even if you have to keep your day job, releasing your Creative Beast is more important than almost anything else you can do. Your daily grind might become more bearable if you view it as the means to an end, that end being your ability to create really cool stuff.

I hope you go create something today. What would Superman do?

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